Start a War

Looking at the brokenness of the world and how we can get it so wrong.

Nothing Left

A story about loneliness and watching a happy ever after go wrong.

Beautiful Day

In that moment when all is right with the world, it's a beautiful day!


This is... Lindsey

Funded with £15k of fans donations, this debut album includes stand out tracks such as Sarah, Heaven and Start a War. Before the days of Pledge Music, Lindsey was already pioneering a fan made album of her own. Lindsey set up 'Pick an Orange Project' and termed each song an 'orange'. This 'orange' was split in to 10 segments at £100 each. "At first my mates were all chipping in £100 until it got to the point I'd wake up one day and there would be a cheque on the doormat for £2k from someone I'd never met who had just heard my music online. It was amazing"

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Known recently as "the voice on that Polyfilla ad". Lindsey Cleary has made her way in to the households with a touching version of the disco classic 'Don't Leave Me This Way' due for release in the Summer of 2012. Born and raised on the borders of Suffolk and Essex this rural little lady always had stars in her eyes. Starting her singing career as early as 6 with performances on any stage she could find at aged 18 she left for Liverpool to attend Sir Paul McCartney's music school, LIPA. While there Lindsey developed not only her voice but her songwriting and found her unique way of communicating her compassion for the human trials and paths. In 2009 Lindsey set up a pioneering project she named 'Pick an Orange Project' which allowed fans to contribute £15k towards the making of Lindsey's first album 'This is…Lindsey'. The album went on to have national radio play with singles 'Heaven' and 'Start a War'. The feelgood 'Beautiful Day' was featured on Honda's 2010 campaign and 'Heaven' featured on the compliation 'The Rose Sessions'. Now Lindsey is recording new material for a second album that she describes as 'lyrically slightly more sophisticated and musically more organic'. It seems this story is just getting started.



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In 2011 Lindsey and her husband Tom founded a small children's charity called 'Mum's the Word' with a large percentage of profits from Lindsey's music going in to the work helping orphans and children in need around the world. For more info please visit